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Boy, am I a grumpy chameleon or what?  Hey, who can blame me...Bobtography hasn't had a web presence in many a year.   Now that we're back, you owe it to yourself to visit often, and you clearly owe it to me to pass on the www.bobtography.com word to everyone you know.  EVERYONE!  You listening here??  I've been looking for a reason to crack a smile...put me in front of a large audience and maybe I will.  Yeah, right.

I'm shocked that you haven't left me for CNN.   Well OK then sucker, since you're sticking around, be sure to check out the various galleries for a sampling of the sort of photos taken by my fearless leader.  I imagine that, unlike me, you may actually enjoy yourself.  But frankly, whether you like them, hate them, or simply couldn't give a lizard's behind...at least take a measly moment out of your all-too-important existence to pass along these feelings of joy and/or shame.  And relax, cheapo...the postage is on me.

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